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USI Consulting Services

We specialize in 3 areas of consulting.


About USI Consulting Services


The value culture of our company is undergirded by what we regard as the most basic value of all — integrity.  We are true to our values and consistent in our principles.  In line with our abiding service ethic, we tell the truth.  Where our knowledge is insufficient, we’re willing to say so.  We’re also glad to obtain such missing knowledge for our clients or refer them to the best information sources known to us.  At all times, honesty and benevolent professionalism prevail in our client relations.


Our firm believes that strategic intelligence is essential to better planning.  We favor strategic decisions based on the best available information, including market projections, economic trends, and the most relevant facts.  We also believe in strategizing that’s tailored to individual groups and persons, psychological makeup as well as circumstances, assets, and liabilities.  It is our design to achieve economic turnaround for companies with insufficient profitability.  We hope to do this by maximizing revenue and minimizing expenses.  In all our work, benefiting our clients is foremost in our mind-set, and to this end we apply the best of our professionalism.

Investment Consulting

Our Investment Consulting Division is headed up by our president, Mr. Alan Katz. Alan has 25 years of experience in investment consulting and a Wharton MBA. Our investment expertise covers stocks, options, bonds, and real estate. We make specific investment recommendations of specific properties and stock investments.

Energy Consulting

Our Energy Consulting Division is headed up by Julie Haugen, who is a top Stanford graduate with an MBA from Washington University in St Louis.  We believe a lot of money can be saved through energy consulting. Some solutions are easy, like changing light bulbs, while other solutions require changing energy systems and analysis to determine cost-effectiveness.

Motivation Consulting

Our Motivation Consultation Division is headed up by Jeffrey Kostant, a former Mensa member who has studied and developed motivational approaches.  Jeffrey believes that productivity rises when inner personal improvement is cultivated.   From this, in his view, wiser goal-setting becomes more clear.  On this basis, smarter guidelines can be written for daily tasking.

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