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Minimum Investment: $50,000

Fees: 1% management fee plus 20% of profits generated.

Commissions: $9.95 per trade

Alan is offering his financial acumen to manage stock portfolios at a tremendous savings from a full service brokerage. Throughout the last 25 years, Alan has accurately predicted the ups and downs of the stock market. It's important to remain flexible with your stock investing. You can be long, short, or in cash at any time very quickly, and Alan is not afraid to get in and out of the market very quickly to respond to short term moves in the market.

In 1981 the market rallied from Dow 800 and broke 1000 for the first time. In 1987, Alan predicted the stock market crash in a newsletter to his clients and recommended they invest in stocks after the 500 point crash. Although there was a lot of fear that the economy was going to tumble into a depression, smart investors knew it was a buying opportunity. The market continued to rally until the year 2000 when it hit 10,000. Again, Alan recommended his clients cash out before the 2001 decline. After 9/11 when everyone thought the economy was going to collapse, Alan saw a buying opportunity with Nasdaq stocks losing 80% or more of their value and the market rallied to 14,000 by the end of 2007. At the beginning of 2008, the economy was already in a recession when Alan recommended going into cash right before the 2000 point decline.

The economy has been in a long term uptrend for more than 30 years and historically, the best buying opportunities present themselves during recessions. Currently, the government is starting to legislate bail-out programs for the economy and housing foreclosure programs. With the Dow now at 12,100, now is the time to invest in stocks again.

I turned bearish when the Dow hit 13,000 and remain negative until I see blood on the streets. With multiple bank and security firm failures, Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac have already lost most of their value. I believe that the 11,000 to 11,700 trading range will be broken on the down side.

There is a silver lining on the horizon. With the Dow now at 11,628 is a good short. Gold, silver, and oil look very promising at these current levels – gold $827.50 an ounce, oil $114.59 a barrel, silver $13.36 per ounce.

Now with the Dow at 10,738 and gold and silver way up, now is the time to take your profits in the short position and the gold and silver long. Stocks like AIG that are not going bankrupt and are being bailed out by the federal governnment and should be bought right now at $2.22. Goldman Sacks at $100 per share is very attractive. Another good trade is Merrill Lynch at around $18.00 - $20.00 per share. The buyout price is approximately $29.00.

After taking big profits at Goldman Sacks, which got up to $137.00(sold at $134.25), and AIG (we missed the top, but got out at $3.90) we sold Merrill Lynch at $28. We are now recommending that you buy the market on October 10 opening at 8000. Specifically, we bought Toyota Motor at $58.32, AIG at $2.08, Exxon Mobil at $62.05, Golman Sacks at $85.63 and GE at $18.26 (these are pre-maket opening prices). The market may not be at the bottom, but after such a steep decline, it is a great buying opportunity.

*There is no guarantee that our hedge fund will be profitable. Profits as well as losses are possible. Our advice is only Alan Katz's opinion and there's no guarantee that you'll make any money.

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